About us

Sanquin PBS is part of the Sanquin Health Solutions section (SHS). SHS covers all activities under the umbrella of the Sanquin Foundation (Sanquin) that operate in a commercial context. The goal of SHS is to unlock the potential of blood and science for the benefit of patients.

The Sanquin group has a long tradition in combining blood supply and research. It is now the knowledge institute in the field of blood and conducts scientific research in blood transfusion medicine, hematology, oncology, and immunology, applying this knowledge to the development, production and running of a range of pharmaceutical and diagnostic services.


First Dutch blood transfusion.


Founding of Central Laboratory for Blood Transfusion (CLB), becoming reknowed knowledge and research center in the field of blood, blood transfusions and immunology.


Sanquin founded from the merger of 22 Dutch blood banks and the CLB.


Reorganisation of non-bloodbank activities to Sanquin Health Solutions: i.e. Diagnostic, Pharma & Biotech Services, HID campus; spin-out of Protya Plasma and Essange Reagents.

Sanquin Health Solutions has a dedicated team of about 300 people that can offer a comprehensive range of diagnostic (Sanquin Diagnostic Services) and CRO (Pharma & Biotech Services) services to the healthcare, biotech, and pharma community. SHS is also empowered by the expertise in blood research from their close collaboration with the 200 people at Sanquin Research.

Sanquin Health Solutions