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At Sanquin Pharma and Biotech Services (PBS), we take pride in our comprehensive knowledge of blood, its constituents, and the complex interactions between them. As a contract research organization (CRO) we offer analytical services during pre-clinical and early clinical stages of your drug development program. Our wide range of expertise covers in vitro and ex vivo testing using blood or its individual components, depending on your needs.

Our specialized solutions can support the success of your drug development program, whether you are analyzing your promising lead compound, live cell therapy, or vaccine candidate.

We can help your development of a commercially successful therapy by speeding up the process and minimizing the risks involved. Our core expertise is immunomonitoring: the analysis of the immune components and how they interact. We provide a broad range of commercial and unique services that can get you the answers you need. As your partner, we can discover the beneficial or adverse biological effects your compound(s) may trigger, define the optimal concentration to be used, and analyze its pharmacokinetics.

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Blood has a story to tell, let us unravel it for you.

Unraveling the story using the ABCs of blood


We have the tools to study an antibody’s structural features and its associated functions. This covers the whole spectrum of antibody use: as a disease biomarker, part of the immune response activated on the introduction of your target(s) or the therapeutic agent itself.


We analyze the complex interactions between cells, drugs, and other blood components, considering both the innate and adaptive immune response to ensure all cases are covered.


We monitor the mode of action and safety of your biotherapeutics. If the test is not readily available, we’ll develop and validate it for you.

Why choose Sanquin PBS?

We’re more than your average CRO, we thrive on finding unique answers to complex questions and take joy in the intricacies and sophistication of the immune system. We help you bridge the gaps and circumvent the pitfalls on the road of drug development through:


End-to-end support

Thanks to decades of experience in handling blood, routine and specialty diagnostic services, and challenging research projects, we can help you from the very beginning of setting up your study to interpreting your data and proposing solutions. We don’t just generate results, we provide answers.


Specialized & fit-for-purpose

Our business professionals not only work on your regular requests, but also devise and advise on the most complex and unique questions to get the answers you need. We believe there is no one-size-fits-all approach. We work in accordance with industry standards in our state-of-the-art infrastructure. Our immediate access to freshly drawn donor blood gives us a unique edge.


A tailored approach

We complement our range of standard analytical services with the development and validation of custom assays and “fit-for-purpose” experimental design to address your specific challenges. We love a challenge: from drug tolerance to multiple parameter analyses. Every question is different, so we don’t provide standard answers.


Access to a network of experts

The team at Sanquin PBS implement the highest quality and creative research methods when handling your project. Beyond the extensive in-house expertise, we can tap into a wealth of knowledge through our direct connection with the Sanquin research organization.

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